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We are the leading Tree Farm in the Highlands, TX area.

We have 29 acres and over 100,000 trees and shrubs.  With over 70 different native, indigenous and acclimated species to the gulf state area, we offer a larger variety of trees than any box store or local chain in the area.   As a family operated business, we service our customers and clients of various sizes, including oil, gas and energy companies, city municipalities, parks and recreation departments, TXDOT, HCTRA, and many local and regional landscapers.   Since the recent addition and opening of our retail center, we are open to the public and want to extent that same service and selection to all home owners in the community we share. Our trees are all container grown and sold in 5, 15, 39, 45, 65 and a select few 95 gallon sizes. 


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TreeLife Farms is a family-operated tree farm with over 100,000 trees in inventory on 29 acres in Highlands, TX. We cultivate many trees indigenous to the gulf states area including many native Texas species. Additionally, we stock popular non-indigenous trees that have adapted and grow well in our Texas climate. Our trees are all container grown and sold at 5, 15, 30, 45, 65 and a few 95 gallon sizes.

3703 Fig Orchard Road, Highland, TX 77562

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Open to the public




3703 Fig Orchard Rd
Highlands, TX 77562