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Our Houston Texas climate, 9A, is ideal for citrus and many fruit bearing trees.   We recommend planting fruit bearing trees in the late winter, spring and into early summer.   This strategy gives the young tree a full summer season to establish its roots and grow strong before its first winter in the ground.   A good transplant additive, which contain an active fungi and beneficial bacteria, combined with a fertilizer designed for edible plants (fruits and vegetables) will properly feed the tree through the summer season.   Although we all enjoy the fruits of our labor, especially when it comes to trees, we recommend pinching off the flowers of your fruit tree the first season to inhibit fruit production.  This process allows the tree to use its nutrients and energy for growth and getting stronger before winter time.   It also protects smaller more fragile branches from breaking under the weight of its own fruit.

Recommendations: Transplant Formula  – apply around the rootball when planting

MLF Citrus and Fruits  - apply every 4-6 months Feb – August

MicroGro  Bio Innoculant – apply mid to late October

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